Each 3 second clip is just one project from the last 10 years. Each clip represents days, weeks or even months of work. These are in no particular order. All concepts, graphics, programming etc by Jab.

ExTerminator 2021 

Some time this century I plan to release an AR app in the store. The first one will feature a dozen robots. This one is the ExTerminator, now retired. The eye lights are controlled by opening and closing the eyes in the real world. This was recorded live using just the iphone.

AR Finally 

In 2020 I finally figured out how to create the 52 face morph/muscles needed to drive an augmented face. All 3D here is live and as you see it looking into a phone.

Lithophane Experiment 

Trying to make a lithophane for the first time. This is just some plastic with various thicknesses but when held up to a light source....

Portal Travel 2020 

Travelling during Covid was a no no so I made a portal to Italy from Tokyo. Augmented of course.

Sequency Sequencer 2017 

Here is an example of a terrible sequence of music made with my little Sequency app. Once created the user can call up visuals to accompany the noise.

Sumo Motion Control 2011 

By 2011 I had ditched the 'orange' controllers completely and could now control my games using any webcam or camera on ios/android/mac or pc. You don't see yourself onscreen when playing the games, I just added it in for reference.

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Obviously I had to change the music for the ending of my kids' COWS DAY OUT game. But here is the version I was using while developing the game. 2018.

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My motion controlled games 2000-2007

In 2000/2001 I invented a motion control system but shelved it until around 2005 when I started creating some games for the EOC. This motion system was highly accurate and predated the Wii and Playstation motion control by quite a few years.

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My webgames 1999-2005

In 2006 I decided to capture 5 seconds from some of the web games I had made in the previous 5 years. The final result was nearly 4 minutes long!